The fee of $925.00 for three hours includes space, bris table, buffet tables for food and round tables seating for half of your guests, which is normally sufficient.  There is also bench seating and additional chairs can be used.  Client provides food and we can recommended a good source for this a block away.  Up to 120 guests.  Additional tables available,  It also includes a coffee station and our fine china.  An open non-alcoholic bar is $4.00 per person.  Staff is billed as needed.  An appointment ahead of time is often made to go over details. We can also help with mohels, food etc.  This is a deluxe bris at reasonable cost.

Call 212 861-4330 to schedule or for appointment.  For quickest response, call Carlos at 917-804-4783.

We will do your bris on less than 8 days notice.